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Fixed EQ Curve on Professional HU ??

In order to correctly plan my future Audio install I need to understand the following issue!

Does the BMW Professional Head Unit (Basic 6 Speaker package) have a fixed EQ Curve?

i.e. We all know that the base HU setup with NO external OEM amp has a horrible EQ curve applied to compensate for the poor BMW speakers and lack of tweeters.

My Question: is this EQ curve constant or is it volume dependant (Dynamic EQ)?

i.e. When the volume control is turned up or down does the EQ cure change (Dynamically) to increase or decrease bass and treble?

This is often a feature referred to as “Loudness” on HU menu’s and simply increases or decreases bass and treble at low and high volumes accordingly to suit the human ear. (Humans are less capable of hearing bass and treble frequencies at low volumes and are more suited to mid-range frequencies, such as the human voice). At higher volumes, humans hear bass and treble (high/low) frequencies better thus Dynamic EQ’s alter the frequency accordingly. Bass and treble enhanced at low volumes but reduced at higher volumes.

Again, the question is: Although the Professional HU may not give you the option of “Loudness On/Off” as other HU’s do. Does it however automatically apply this?

Unfortunately I do not have a frequency RTA or I would be able to test myself, although I know that several people on this forum do!

Your answers and theories would be much appreciated!!
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