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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post
So how do you guys know you have the EXACT same problem?

Because IMO, sound description is subjective. Like a grunting/grinding sound can be the same as a gunk gunk sound, with the difference being word choices.

I'm also experiencing some issues/sounds coming from what seem to be my power steering unit.......It also happens when manuvering at very slow speeds, especially when turning from a slow roll/stop. But it sounds like a 'gunk gunk' sound more so than a shudder sound, to me.

So I've researched a lot regarding this issue, and I've read that it can be anything from simply changing out the PS fluid, to a failed power steering pump, but never heard it to be the belt tensioner, or whatever that's called.....Just do a search and you'll know/see what I mean.
We don't know its the exact same problem but low speed manouvering out of a parking spot is when it happens to us. Still havent heard back from dealer.