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335 PPK and Oil loss

So the quick version: When I got my 2011 CPO 335, I ordered it with the PPK. They figured out half way through that they couldn't install without the oil cooler - so they, very nicely, installed an oil cooler for me, and everything was fine.

Shortly after, the oil light turned on. I brought it in, and it was a quart low. They topped it off after checking for leaks, and everyone assumed that it was just settling that occurred, and the oil cooler raised the capacity by about a quart.

2000 miles later, its a quart low again. I called into service, and they told me they will check it out again, but that BMW considers in within tolerance to burn a quart every 750 miles.

Has anyone else run into this? My 328 would run 25k miles without going a quart low, this seems extreme, and burning a quart every 750 miles seems ludicrous...

The problem is that I haven't had this car that long, so no idea if its always burned oil like this before.