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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Ian, if this software is updated alone (without updating other modules), it should not interfere with your 'enhanced' map as 'enhanced' map is stored somewhere else.

However BMW has a tendency to update 'all modules' together. And if that is what they are going to do (which I highly doubt it due to the amount of BMWs coming to them for this update), then unfortunately people may loose their enhanced maps.

There is another challenge for me yet. I need to find out how does this 'blank key clonning' works so I can test 'upgraded software' against that mechanism.

Will update you mate.
Cheers Makka.

I'm guessing (and hoping) that the upgrade will be done 'locally' as in the dealers will have the files to hand (your earlier post seems to suggest this),and the cars won't need plugging into the 'Motherboard' at BMW AG.

Time will tell on this,and hopefully you might be able to find out more,and let us know.

On your other challenge,and it might be the case that you know this:

The key fob is NOT the problem,the problem lies with the car itself.

The car makes the key 'compatible' with the car that is to be stolen.

In other words,if there was a BMW next to mine,my key could be inserted into the other car,and THAT car would make my key compatible with the car the key was in.

I hope that helps (If you didn't know)

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