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Originally Posted by cmyk View Post
Somewhat agree, but this isn't necessarily true. A lot more than driving record is factored in to your premium rate. I have a perfect driving record and pay around $3,000 per year for my 2 vehicles. Location (down to your neighborhood/zip code), deductibles, coverage limits, age and lots of other factors are taken into account.

OP you are learning a valuable lesson here that unfortunately most people have to learn at some point (usually the hard way). Hopefully your situation will become a learning experience for others as well. Insurance is always a gamble. We are all paying for something that we hopefully will never have to use. I'm glad to hear that you are OK, and the damage wasn't catastrophic. These types of situations are never pleasant and hopefully everything will work out in your favor and you'll come out of this a bit wiser We all have to start somewhere, so best of luck to you

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