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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
Starting to think about this upcoming Winter and a new set of performance snow tires. My previous set was Blizzak LM-22 rft's. Well, I've modded my suspension extensively, so rft's are out of the question. I need 225/45-17 and am interested in Michelin Pilot Alpin; I see there's a PA3 and a Primacy PA3. Anyone know the difference or have experience with these tires? Also interested in Bridgestone's performance snow tires. Don't need max snow traction as I drive my truck most of the Winter.
The Primacy Alpin PA3 should have slightly better snow and ice traction compared to a bit better handling and steering response with the Pilot Alpin PA3.

In 225/45R17 Bridgestone's most similar performance winter tire is the Blizzak LM60. The LM60 would be a noticeable step up in snow and ice capability from either Michelin PA3 model but not as performance oriented on dry roads.

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