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Originally Posted by NRG View Post

The wife and kids. She was insisting on a truck. Later in the game she has regrets too. We'll try to get out of the lease next year. I would do it sooner, but that'll be too big of a financial hit, since I did a one shot lease payment. That thing costs here penny for penny like the loaded E90 M3 DCT. Then the M for sure, truck or car don't know yet.
I hear ya. Why didn't you guys go with he 50i? My wife loves her e70 4.8, but depending on how long it lasts us, she's thinking she'll either go diesel x5, x5m or x6m (depending on cubic feet & mpg desires) for her next ride. If your wife is open to a car & you're considering the x5M, the m5 might be a happy median, no? I'd still prefer the 3 based on he weight/size, but I'm more of a small car guy (the e90--m, i or d--feels pretty big and heavy to me based on what I'm used to driving).

Whatever you decide on, make sure it's an M or (from what I've seen) you're going to regret it! Good luck!

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