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Originally Posted by UltraRacer13 View Post
when you platidipped your trim, did you pull it off or just mask it? How well did it peel off parts you needed it to come off? How well does it stick to the trim? Did you prep the trim by sanding?

Just masked it. Didn't feel like going through the trouble of pulling it off and from what I understand, it is nigh impossible to pull off the bottom piece of trim without irrevocably damaging it.

If you tape it correctly, it peels off extremely easily along the gap between trip and body. Sticks perfectly to the trim. It's been on for 6 months now and has been washed probably a dozen times with no peeling or lifting.

Did not prep by sanding because I wanted to be able to go back to the trim if the mood struck. I just washed the car, then used rubbing alcohol to get it very clean. Put about 5 layers of plastidip on.
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