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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
OK if Subzero isn't biting then I'll have a go.

We live in Britain not Siberia so unless you live in deepest darkest rural Scotland or somewhere similar, winter tires are a waste of time and money. Just drive a little slower\more carefully and if it's so bad (very doubtful, last time we had any really show stopping snow was about 15 years ago) then just don't go out that day.

Driving for 20 years in the UK and never needed winter tires.
Where do you live, Australia? Or do you drive round with you eyes closed?! I live in the East Midlands and can think of countless ocasions when winters on my car would have been invaluable. Driving slowly doesnt help if i cant even pull away! The tyres you use are summer tyres and do not work properly below 7 deg