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This looks like Wagner's product for the 335i. Looks like HP Autowerks has started selling the gas product:

Here's a review from a member with logs (gas product):

Some of you have no idea how difficult it has been to get to this point. I've had 3 separate i/c companies that were willing to make a bespoke i/c for the d, but we couldn't even find a d owner willing to go to the company to even do the test fitting!

In the case of Wagner, this all started with me bugging Nick at Wagner USA behind the scenes about the possibility of producing an i/c for the d crowd. Nick checked with the parent company in Germany, and they indicated an interest in the project, but they would need a car for a test fitting. Matt (335dwagon) and I had become acquainted in one of the previous failed attempts to get an i/c made, and I knew he lived in Germany. I contacted him, and of course he jumped on the opportunity! Nick of Wagner was actually heading to Germany at that time, so everything fell in place to get the test fitting done. It was quite exciting to get it done after the previous failed attempts. Matt didn't know it at the time, but he had committed himself to a 10 HOUR ROUND TRIP to get from his home to Wagner's home base to allow the test fitting to occur. He did it with no fanfare and no bitching, and got the job done.

He deserves HUGE credit for the fact that we are on the brink of getting a bespoke i/c.

I wrote all that to say that we need to slow down and wait for Wagner to go through their business process. As exciting as this is, I see no upside in rushing them or pushing them for info. It will come in good time. In the meantime, we have the anecdotal evidence of the quality of their product from tests on the gas version, and inferred quality from the integrity of the vendors that sell it.

I chose to chase Wagner for good reasons. I hope this works out, because we'll have a damn good product for our d's, something which we sure as hell don't have today.

P.S. As a bonus, if you read through the review thread, you'll see my very first post to Wagner as I started the pursuit of our product! LOL

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