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Originally Posted by CnoteMD
I just wanted to follow up my previous review of Prestige now that I have actually taken delivery of my car.

I placed my order in May for a delivery around Sept 1st. My car actually arrived about 3 weeks early. I took delivery about 2 weeks after it arrived (still 1 week earlier than I had originally planned). My car was fairly well optioned and I also got a few dealer add-ons (alarm, wheel locks, wheel and tire warranty, and window etching).

Overall, I am VERY impressed with the dealer, but less so with the salesperson. My salesperson was very knowledgeable and negotiated a reasonable price very quickly, but really didn't follow through with things well. I told him about the dealer options I wanted when I placed the order. I also confirmed these items when the car arrived at the dealer, and again when confirming the appointment for delivery.
When I arrive, I find that the wheel locks where not installed and during the tour of the dealer, he drops me off in the parts department so that I can buy them. However, the parts department informs me that they didn't even have them in stock. So, I had to have them ordered and bring the car back to have them installed.

I must say that the service department has done a great job. They had someone come out to pick up my car to install the wheel locks (and to take care of the window etching). The salesperson had charged me for this, but didn't even have it installed.

Ironically, I got the BMW survey call as I was typing this. I gave the dealership 5's, but I gave the salesperson's handling of the sale a 3.


i used to sell cars and getting pissed at the salesperson over something so minor is stupid and pointless to tell you the truth. it porlly wans't even his fault, but im sure he didnt care cuz afterall you just paid his mortgage bill