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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I hope you are wearing yoga pants with the amount of reaching you are doing.

Like I said, I judge people in the outcomes of their actions. One outcome of Jay-Z actions is that harmful illegal drugs made it into the hands of kids during his first career. That hardly goes a long way to helping cultivate the next Obama, so that some kid today who was not born into privilege might still make it into the White House in 30 years time. I would expect you would not cheer that either.

In his second career, he produces music aimed at impressionable young kids would could really use some practical guidance, and guess what, the message of that is not "hey, stay in school, and you could end up president", instead it glamorizes a dangerous lifestyle, liberally peppered with the N word that is labeled hate speech when uttered by others. He is free to use the absurdly huge funds he has made from that to give to the political party of his choice, but I'd hardly put that on par with a true charity, like the Red Cross, or SPCA, or an abused women's shelter, or the Cancer Society, or MS research, or something like that.

Not sure where I cheered when a "foreign national was assassinated at the whim of the military". I did cheer when some dumbass did himself in after inhaling toxic fumes when trying to burn an American flag. That was self inflicted. As well, I do support those who go overseas and end up having to kill our enemies who apparently are opposed to concepts like free speech, I make no apologies for that. I wouldnt categorize that as a whim.

That is far better than endorsing participants of an industry who send a message to young kids that killing cops is really cool, for example. Killing is not good, but if it has to occur, guess which group I'd rather see it happen to; cops or freedom-hating terrorists ?

Like you said....

....I personally judge folks on the outcome of their actions, not on the "values" that they embody during their daily lives. If someone donates lots to a charity, even if they do so out of purely selfish reasons (to make themselves look better), isnt that better than not donating at all ?

So what is it? Jay Z donated. Isn't that better than not donating at all???