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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
How did Rmoney acquire his wealth? How about you answer that question yourself since you think driving a BMW equates to accumulating $200 million. There are some really brilliant people on this forum. Any man who earns money at the expense of another human-being's misfortune, IS GREEDY! What product did Rmoney create other than money?

I find it puzzling you would be defending a man who doesn't even represent anything you can remotely achieve. Are you another phony ass Joe-the-Plumber assuming you're a part of the elite class by default while you too suffer like the rest of the American people?
You do a marvelous job at deflecting a point.

Nevertheless, I will play.... So let me get this straight, you are actually accusing Mitt Romney of achieving his success at the expense of others??? Oh boy you are one of those... Why don't you enlighten the audience as to how he went about amassing his wealth... I can't wait to hear your anti-capitalism response.

And what is puzzling about supporting a man who achieved success beyond that of what I may achieve in my lifetime? Are you suggesting I should begrudge the man because his path in life resulted in a greater level of success or are you suggesting that I should begrudge the man just because "it's not fair?" I wonder if the bottom 47% look at you in the same manner as you drive around in your sparkling new BMW M3? What a hypocrite...

Do you actually read what you write? The nonsense that spews from your finger tips, to your keyboard is befuddling.

Scotch is that really you?