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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
If the situation was reversed, I'm sure you'll be whining that he neglects his family, too.
Nope. Wouldnt care, as that does not affect me. When Billy was getting his helmet polished in the oral, er , I mean Oval office, I didnt slam him for being a bad husband. That's between him and Hillary, not my business. The policies he enacts, that IS my business, and yours too. I judged him on the duty he owed the taxpayers. He owed Hillary an explanation about Monica, but not me.

Voting for someone to run a country entails a different set of expectations than marrying that person.

When Billy was getting things done by having meetings with the right people between 6-9 pm instead of helping to raise Chelsea, I didnt slam him for being a bad dad. At least he was moving the ball down the field. I didnt agree with all of the legislation, but you couldnt say it was a completely unproductive congressional session either.