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Accord or Subaru Legacy

I am thinking of picking up another car for a daily driver. I plan to keep the BMW for more of a toy. I heard there are great deals on the 2012ís and I am between an accord lxp and a legacy 2.5 premium. Since the BMW is a stick I would go with an auto and I am looking at the four cylinder version. I live in S. FL so the awd on the legacy isnít a huge concern. I had a 1998 accord back in undergrad and it was an amazing car, I got to 115k on it and never had an issues. The main concern would be overall reliability and cost of maintenance/repairs since I plan to keep this long term. I am not to handy myself and I recall the maintenance being cheap on the accord. One concern with the legacy is the fact that I donít see them around often, I am not sure if this translates to higher cost for repairs and parts in the future. In the future if I decided to replace the BMW for another similar car I plan to still keep the accord or legacy for a daily driver.