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Originally Posted by omvijoca View Post
Log entry. At 106,000 miles the 2007 BMW 328xi left me stranded. Amber then red overtemp warning. Cost: $1450 at an independent BMW shop for waterpump and thermostat.

This kind of thing really makes me mad at BMW engineers. Really? Electric water pump. In a super inaccessible location.

My next car will not be a German POS. I ran from VW (electronic nightmare on Tourag), V-6 engine failure on a 2007 Audi A4.

It will be Japanese from this point forward. Sorry BMW fans.
My pump just went bad at 62k miles.

Audi/VW is truly crap cars. My friend's Audi Allroad (A6) is a constant problem. Reverse gear just went out on that, after the suspension bags, control arms, instrument panel, seat heater, emissions blower, oil temp sender, etc, etc--run screaming from Audi.

However, here's a couple of true Jap car stories. I helped my ex get a new 2009 Honda Civic (my daughter got the old e46 in the divorce) and the steering rack had to be replaced within the first 1000 miles because of leaks. A co-worker had a 2008 Toyota Scion TC that started overheating at 60k. They said the head gasket was leaking but couldn't be replaced because the head bolts broke off, requiring a new engine. She now has a Hyundai.

I think my next car is going to be a Ford Crown Vic. cop car with black steel wheels. That way I can hit pot holes and park next to nice cars in our tiny parking spots with no worries. A crown Vic water pump is $22. I'm going to take all the extra money I'll have and hide it in the Cayman Islands.