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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
Anyone else think these stupid ass ********** "review" threads should be banned/deleted? There is a guy who has only posted once before and just made 4 new threads in the cosmetic section (not the review section), each with the same exact template and a link to their site's product page. I mean who adds a link to the actual product in their review?

Either way, they are banned and they are still getting free advertising.
That's lame. The guy who took care of me with the coilovers from there was cool, but then just a couple days ago he asked if I could post up any type of review on their product/service however long or short I wanted to and send him the link. Thanks, but no thanks. haha

Originally Posted by 328RR View Post
almost had $$ for the kit until the credit card bill came =(.... anyone wants to buy an organ??
I'll take your heart. I've always wanted to have a lava lamp with a heart floating around in it!

Originally Posted by JT_Munkey View Post
I'm going to try out Sonic Tuning's CSL trunk. Apparently it's made after Karbonwerke's mold. We'll see. As for the diffuser, it's single-sided (n52) made by M-Force Design which actually has very very good fitment when I saw it in person.
Jason! Do you have a pic of what the diffuser looks like on the car?? If so, may I see it pretty please
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