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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
I think you're missing my point. All the OP is getting here is facts. If you get an oil recommendation from a dealer and there is a problem then you will probably have a case. If you take your wounded engine in for service and explain that you got some opinions on a forum you will probably get laughed at. He wants to know if he needs to flush that new oil out. Has there been a definitive answer or some opinions?
No... actually, that's my point exactly.

Listen, I'm not here to argue with ignorance. If you believe that what you get when you ask something of a dealer or a mechanic is anything more than an opinion, I wish you the best of luck. I'd also encourage you to take the car to multiple dealers/mechanics and see how many contradicting "FACTS" you end up with.

As for your argument... you don't have a case. BMW dealers generally have lawyers or the means to hire them, and have already been educated on what they can and cannot say to customers to limit liability. Not to mention that legitimate cases take years and $$$$$$ to go through for the chance that you may get compensation.

Also, as to whether the OP needs to flush the oil or not, there ARE NO DEFINITIVE ANSWERS. It's a subjective question. The only thing you can get from anyone are opinions, and then you make your mind FOR YOURSELF given what people have told you and how much value you place on those answers.

For you: You value the opinions of dealers so much that you call anything they say a "fact".

For me: I'd prefer not to give SO much weight or credit to someone who has a monetary incentive one way or the other. For example, when I was 17, I took my car in for an oil change. The "fact" the dealer gave me was that because my car had reached 100k miles, I needed to have the engine flushed with their detergent at the discount cost of $97. I said no thanks, and the next "fact" I got was that if I didn't do the service, there was an 85% chance that my engine would fail before I got home, and I'd have to pay 10X that amount to have it fixed then.

I was 17 and it was my first car, so I paid the $97. Then I researched it on the internet when I got home. But I suppose the thousands of "opinions" I got on the matter telling me that I had been screwed just don't add up to the "facts" the dealer gave me, right?