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what is the one car/truck/bike etc; that you want but will never buy ?

I feel like many people have this item always in their line of sight. but will most likely never pull the trigger for one reason or another.

for me . its a 2013 F350 powerstroke crew cab. fully loaded, with a huge lift kit, huge tires and dual stacks.

this comes with a pricetag of 60-70k. I cant see pulling the trigger on something like this since I really dont have a use for it. It would be just another "toy" for me to have.

my boys have trucks as toys but to me the sports car just outweighs the truck

in fact by the time your done with one of these you could be at 100k.

my boy has a cummins crew cab dually with a 6-speed manual. a set of nice dually rims and tires can run 8-10k

sticker price on the truck as is is almost 70k