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Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
Boost-a-pump just drives up voltage, Shiv makes it sound like a new pump. This would be ideal to drop in a higher volume pump. Remember as well a higher output pump also has to work less to maintain the pressuse on a stock car. There are many things that I see will be needed on our cars to push the envelope that Shiv has already broken many times. I would still love to see a fuel injection option on top of the DI setup. I would like this to be on all the time to help with the carbon issue in a low low amounts. Im talking 5% duty cycle and trim the DI setup to maintain 0 fuel trims. Then as the boost comes on instead of ramping up the DI, use these to add more fuel. Let the DI setup do what it does best and help with cooling and atomization, let the old school injectors do what they do best and FLOW!
Go check the "other forum" for the PRO EFI thats in the works.