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EU 318d upgrade?

Hi, Ive asked this question to various people on other forums and no one seems to know, any ideas?



Im the proud owner of a 330d, but have recently got the mrs a 318d Efficient Dynamics (Bought because it was cheap, not really for efficiency - although Im not knocking it). Im pretty clued up in terms of coding and programming but am looking to experiment a bit.

A while a go I remember a a guy who advertised to 320d -> Alpina D3 DDE6 upgrade leading to gains in performance without any reported issues.


So my query is, is it possible to upgrade DDE of 318d (post 03/2007) to a 320d? There are lots of posts regarding the differences between 318d and 320d - however most of them refer to pre 03/2007 builds.

The 318d I have here uses the same N47D20 as the 320d engine and has:

105 kW (143 bhp) @ 4000 rpm
300 N m (221 lb ft) @ 1750-3000 rpm

The same generation 320d has:

130 kW (177 bhp) @ 4000 rpm
350 Nm (258 lb ft) @ 1750-3000 rpm

However, the 09/2009 320d has:

120 kW (163 bhp) @ 3500-4200 rpm
360 N m (265 lb ft) @ 1750-3200 rpm


Is the 09/2009 the Efficient Dynamics model? In which case Im wondering if the injectors / turbo / intercooler are the same as the 03/2007 318d with just the tuned ECU? I did notice however that the 143 and 163 bhp variants both share the same values:

Redline(rpm) - 5000

Injection Pressure(bar) - 1600

Relative Boost(bar) - 1.5

MEP(bar) - 19

Maximum combustion chamber pressure(bar) - 170

Where as the 177 bhp variant is uprated slightly - perhaps due to the hardware upgrades?


Any thoughts? Obviously I know I can just go get a remap, but Im sort of a geek and like this stuff.