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AA Tune yes or no

Guys I needed some advise, currently the only performance mods i have on my car are the BMW PE and BMS PBX. When I had heard about the AA Tune their where no shops near that would do it so I just forgot about it. Well now I have a shop near me here in Dallas and Im wondering is the tune worth it even though i don't have the 3 stage intake manifold? Am I just better off keeping the BMS PBX or is the tune that much better then the PBX. I've heard rave reviews about the AA Tune but most people have the 3 stage intake manifold to compliment it and basically completing the 325i to 330i conversion. So Im basically asking, is it worth it or Im just better off saving my money? Thanks!


Just got the tune done yesterday at Gtech Imports in Dallas. They sure took their time, went in at 11 AM got it back at 4 PM, other then that my experience with them was fine.

Short Review

To be comletely honest at first I didn't really notice much. As I drove along I noticed the throttle lag was greatly improved. Didnt really notice any kind power difference. It felt as though the throttle response just gave a feeling of greater power. I guess my expectation were a little high due to some great reviews by some other fourm members who've done this tune as well. Its a good tune but as of right now I don't feel like this was worth $600.00 I spent. ($499.00- Tune, $100.00 install) But Ive only put on about 150 miles since the tune and I've heard it takes anywhere from 500-1000 miles for the tune to fully adapt. So I will do another in detail review after Ive let the tune fully adapt. So lets wait and see...

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