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Originally Posted by triggz
I have a similar setup...except I have Ar Catless downpipes, Vibrant resonators in place of secondary cats, and 3" alluminum piping from the resonators.

Sounds AMAZING! and no rasp and barely any drone. I don't have drone when cruising in 6th gear or anything. I only get very slight drone when doing an initial acceleration but only lasts like half a second lol. Its wicked! Mine is loud though, loud enough to turn every head on a street when i romp on it but its not loud if i drive like a grandmother lol.

Oh and above 4500rpm it sounds like a race car
Thanks for the input

I have cp-e catless dp's right now and everything else stock.. I get rasp around 5-7k which I don't like... And I want something louder.. Looks like this is it apparently (HPF)