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Car Wash suggestions on the Westside LA

I am looking for a local full service car wash on the Westside of LA. Anywhere around Santa Monica and a little east of the 405 or south of the 10 is fine. I have always taken my R32 to Sepulveda West and for $35/per month unlimited (clean interior/ wash and hand dry exterior) the price and quality was good.

However since owning my 335i I've only taken it there once and results were terrible. The track that pulls your car through the auto wash is too narrow for 10"+ rims and I'm not a big fan of auto washes which have brushes that smack against the car (scratches, etc). Bottom line, I'm scared to go back.... I don't know if Im OCD but I feel my rims got curbed on that track and I got a lot of swirl scratches from the auto wash.

What I am looking for is this:
close proximity to 90025
fully auto wash (interior hand cleaned and exterior dried)
Price (i don't want to pay for a full detail service) I want somewhere I can take my car every week and have it finished under 45 minutes
Somewhere that takes pride in their work and respects the owners car

I love washing my car however, owning a JB 335i can result in having to wash it once a week which I do not have the time to do nor do I want to go to the coin-op places (eventhough currently I opt for this as a last resort).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!