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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Romney may not be Mr. Personality, but there's no evidence he is as personally harsh and abrasive as Jobs was, not by a long shot.
The difference between Romney and Jobs is not just personality. It's conviction. Whatever you thought of Steve Jobs you knew who he was and where he stood. Not so with Romney. Nobody knows who this guy is and he always appears to be hiding something. Makes him seem untrustworthy. Nobody will follow someone they don't know and don't trust.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Take a look at the Salt Lake Olympics for concrete evidence of competence. In fact, one Bill Clinton used the words "Sterling Business Record" to refer to Romneys credentials. The Olympics, just like corporate boardrooms, are filled with politics. If he can get the IOC to play nice, congress should be a walk in the park.
It's not a given that being good in business means you are good at politics. More to the point what I said in my previous post is that Romney has not demonstrated competence in his campaign for president. He's a lousy candidate and his campaign has been full of misteps and gaffs and he changes his positions almost daily. Then there's that pesky thing about not having a core. Nobody knows who this guy really is. It's bad, really bad.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
IMHO, those hardly seem like the most plausible outcomes. When the Republicans won 2 consecutive terms with Dubya, that did not cause the Democrats to move to the right ideologically speaking; in fact, their next candidate has gone farther to the left than his predecessor, stating in an interview he is in favor of wealth redistribution. Why would the Republicans suddenly go farther to the left, ideologically speaking, after 2 consecutive Democrat wins? There's no precedent for it, it hardly seems likely.
I never said the Republicans would be forced to the left if Obama is re-elected. That is one of the big problems for Republicans these days. They have convinced themselves that striking any kind of compramise (especially with this president) necessarily means giving up their principles which is complete BS. This president has demonstrated a willingness to compramise (even at the risk of alienating his base) with republicans over and over again but Republicans just throw it back in his face each time. If the president gets re-elected with the number I think he will be, Republicans will have no choice but to compramise to get something done. The voters are not going to stand for continued obstruction. The mid-terms will see to that.

I won't even go there regarding your statement about re-distribution of wealth. That is what happened for 8 years under Bush, only the wealth was re-distributed from the lower and middle class to the top 1 percent.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
As people see what is happening in Europe, where decades of more socialist style democracies have finally caught up to them, financially speaking, and they see rioting in the streets of Madrid because excess entitlement spending can no longer be sustained, the well has run dry, I can't imagine everyone here watching that and suddenly stating; hey, lets really embrace more of that approach.
Republicans have convinced themselves that this president is a far left socialist ideolog intent on spending this country into bankruptcy with all kinds of social programs that benefit minorities and the poor and siphon from the rich. That just isn't true. That characterization of Barack Obama is a cartoon narative created on the right for consumption by consertatives and other people on the right purely for political reasons. It has been ginned up and swirled around in the right wing echo chamber and it has worked very well. Trouble is it's BS. If this president is so bad for business then why is Wall Street doing so well? Why are businesses who have raked in massive profits over the last 3 years sitting on a shit ton of cash waiting to see how the election goes? The president wants to deal with the debt and I absolutely believe that if he gets a second term that will be a top priority in his administration.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I'll agree to that, assuming you share my sentiment that "interesting" does not always equate to "joyous".
Sorry but I don't share your pessimism. I think the next 4 years will see a strong economic recovery and expansion for this country. I do think there will be some pain politically for Republicans. I think the party has been taken over by extremists who are not good for the party or the country. I think Fox news has played a big part it that. I don't see the current status of the Republican party as being sustainable. Something has to give and it will be interesting to watch. That's what I mean by "interesting".