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Originally Posted by m1ka View Post
Yesterday I got in my car and the warning came up on my idrive (also red BRAKE light came on in instrument cluster):
"Brake pads worn to minimum thickness"

The reason I find this odd is that both the front and rear warning came on at the same time. When I go into idrive service options there isn't any mileage stated by the Brake Warning indicator

2007 335i
41,500 miles

Any info would greatly help

And to my knowledge I am not sure if the brake pads have been replaced as I have only owned the car 6 months. IIRC when I had the rims off the pads looked like they had a lot of life left on them.

When you look at the service intervals are there -------- for the mileage left? I get this about once a year and I have to reset it with my BT tool. If you don't have one the dealer will have to reset it if the light bothers you that much. I think they will charge about 75, unless they do it under good will since the CBS computer has shit the bed.