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Originally Posted by syd
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What's your thoughts on this? I know it's been around for a while in the east coast but now its here on the west coast. For those of you who are part of it, what do you like or dislike about it?
I'm a chase private client banker, Honestly for what you are offered it is well worth it. The minimum amount they like to see is $250k relationship. But you dont need all $250k in the account to get into the private client program. If the outside relationship has a good possibility to be moved over in the near future (1-3 months) they will put you in the program to utilize the benefits.

I do that often with my clients, an initial 100-200k investment or asset transfer to a money market. Then they come to appreciate the program and do a mass wealth transfer and there whole relationship comes over

Pm me if you would like some more details about the program!

***Also for anyone looking to purchase a home, get in the program. I cannot tell you how many times we have been able to get ridiculous exceptions for home loans we have direct contact with the private client underwriters and if the money is there they will pull the strings to get the loan done, and all sorts of credits on top of that. ***
I'm actually a licensed PB for chase. I wanted to get a clear view of what people who are currently taking advantage the program thought of it. We launch out CPC in the office this coming monday. I wanted to get feedback from those who are already enjoying the benefits so this way I can present it the best way to our future/ potential clients.