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I'm new to these Forums, but not new to owning a BMW. I recently had to part with my 2003 X5 4.4i, a great ride I enjoyed for a number of years.

The replacement is a totally-stock 2009 328xi Touring, a low mileage, one-owner lease return. It's a great car that is shaping up to be a nice addition to the garage.

But it sure seems like these cars are very rare. In the past after buying a new car, I'd start seeing them everywhere. So far, after owning this E91 about six weeks, I still haven't seen any others. Nada. Zip.

I live a ways north of Seattle, and we get a lot of Canadians around here, shopping in our stores or passing through on the freeway, so I'd expect to see some E91's from B.C., at least. But again, I haven't seen even ONE other E91.

What do you think? Is it just coincidence, or are these cars hard to come by? Are they really that rare?