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BimmerTech: No Bluetooth Prep to Full OEM Bluetooth installation

BMW E93 with no Bluetooth preparation
gets the OEM Bluetooth retrofit installed.

Doug, an owner of a 2010 BMW E93, contacted us about the Bluetooth retrofit for his car. Unfortunately his beautiful convertible did not come with any Bluetooth preparation so no BMW dealer could offer any OEM solution.

Luckily, at BimmerTech we have years of experience in different kinds of OEM retrofits, so it was just a matter of understanding all of Doug's requirements before we could propose the right option.

Doug made it clear he wanted exclusively an OEM Bluetooth integration and he wanted to have it installed like if the car had it factory installed.
The Bluetooth module (Combox in this case) should be mounted in the trunk using the original bracket. However, the main challenge we had to face was to prepare the complete OEM harness including fiber optic distribution block, power and mic wires and others that would be long enough to connect all Bluetooth components with the CIC head unit. And finally everything would have to be professionally installed and coded.

In cooperation with the BimmerTech Atlanta installation facility, ran by David, we performed the complete installation and coding of the OEM Bluetooth retrofit as well as the CIC software update.
David and his team did a great job fitting all parts according to our instructions and after around 8 hours Doug could pick up his BMW with the full Bluetooth functionality including hands free calling, Bluetooth Audio and Office.

Please check out the pictures documenting the whole process.

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