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Technic and MS-8ers:

I have some issues with my current install that may be simply be the result of adding more power and thus making previously existing issues more apparent.

I am wondering if the relay as part of the MS-8 may be causal or contributing to the problems...I am thinking it may have to do with some portion of the following issues:
  • Power on Pops
  • Audible (analog) noise floor
  • Clicking sound from behind OEM HU (new problem)
  • sporadic issues triggering various OBC errors (seems to correlate with the item immediately above).
  • MS-8 rebooting in conjunction with item 3 and 4 above

I am considering removing the relay from the MS-8 remote wire (and running OEM remote signal directly to MS-8 input). I would like recommendations on whether or not this is advisable as well as potential effects.

If there is no issue (from previous comments by VP-Electricity) the relay may be redundant in an MS-8 system...

Technic...can you advise me as to the wiring before and after?

Thank you.

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