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Originally Posted by kaishang View Post
Interesting. Expensive summer tyres and better than el-cheapo winter tyres according to that...
Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
Hmmm...strange how they used Goodyear Excellence tyres as their "premium summer tyres" (which are actually strictly midrange tyres), instead of sticking a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymmetric 2's on....

Strange that? Wouldn't you say? It's almost like they were afraid that they're "premium winter tyres" wouldn't show much of an improvement over their best summer tyre (F1A2), so they used a midrange summer tyre instead...

Michelin did the same thing in their test, they used Michelin Primacy HP tyres, which are midrange tyres, and compared them to their best winter tyres. Why didn't they use Pilot Sport 3's instead?

I don't think i've seen a tyre manufacturer who tests their BEST winter tyre against their BEST summer tyre. I wonder why...