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I think it is possibly an individual wheel type issue. I tried to fit some Moda EB1s on my 335i coupe - knowing that I'd likely have to use spacers as they're ET45 - and it doesn't look like they're going to fit. I was in a hurry, sore, and pissed off when I tried it because I had already bent my 4-way loosening the lug bolts (I eventually had to dig out my big breaker bar and a cheater pipe) and then had to beat the front wheel off with a hammer and block of wood because apparently BMW doesn't believe in using anti-seize on the hub center protrusion (all this after having already spent the morning cleaning, waxing, and tire shining the winter set); I'll try again later but it really appears that the rim is locking up on the caliper. At the point I ran into issues I just threw the car back together because I wanted to meet up with a friend to watch the Steelers game and figured it would be bad form to show up all grimy and sweaty But in any case Tire Rack lists plenty of 17" wheels that *do* apparently fit this app and it would have been the factory standard wheel size on a non-M Sport 335i.