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That must ride slow! You obviously cant drive fast with it as potholes must make that feel like the suspension is going to break. Looks good but how is the ride comfort level?
Its been ok, I drive 100miles a day over 25k a year. Comfort? its still too soft for my liking. I dont think anyone thats into fitment are looking for smoothness. All of this was to make ppl think it "looks good" nothing more.

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very nice!

I got the same car basically, just with matte black wheels. I'm trying to decide between black chrome 4" dual tips or burned 4" tips. Which are would you recommend ?
I think the 4in burnt would suit the black aggressive looking wheels yet it makes more of a visual impact in the rear vs plain jane chrome.

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Too low for my taste
noted but around my crowd i get blasted for being too high. Its goona go lower with new spring rates soon.

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