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Wow thanks for all the kind words! I didn't expect to come home from work and see so many compliments

To answer some of the questions that popped up:

Originally Posted by forever_speed View Post
what buffer?
Porter Cable 7424xp

Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Yea, that is a excellent job for someone that never did paint correction before. You must have some hidden talent and did plenty of research prior.

I guess now is a good time to mention I was never happy with the poor boys line up myself, you may want to look into menzerna or meguiars in the future. You will probably find the latter finish up easier. I remember when I used poor boys I had to keep finishing down a lot to get gloss back and if I wasn't getting enough correction I had to go to an aggressive polish and it really made it difficult from then to finish back up.
Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely keep that in mind. I'm not exactly sure what's good or what's not as of now but I'll make sure I try some other brands when I run through my bottles. I was surprised with how runny the poorboy's blue wax was though, not sure if that would be a good or bad thing but I was expecting it to be a little thicker...naturally I would think wax = thick(er) haha. Still fairly noob with this stuff I guess. Thanks again for the heads up though!

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It looks great! I am curious to see some before pics.
I regret now that I didn't take any before pics, I kind of rushed straight to the detailing and didn't think I'd get such a response with these pictures haha. I'll see if I can dig up some pics though!

Originally Posted by StyleBimma View Post
I can only imagine how the car looked before.. in the shots after detail, it looks outstanding! For someone who's never done this before, this is very well done!

Those headlights, did they come with the car when you bought it or did you replace yourself? If so, do you mind me asking what brand and where from?

Now I really wish I took some pics before the detail! Thanks for the compliment though! Actually the headlights are by depo. I bought them from "fishcake" on eBay, you may have heard of him. Some people had issues with fogging/ cracking lenses and distorted beams. I resealed them the day I bought it and threw on some laminx to protect the lens. As for the beam, it's not the BEST but it definitely is better than the stock halogens.

Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
Need pics from before.
Looks like depo headlights.
Orange or red pad?
Very clean car
You're right on, they're depos. The pad is a lake country crimson pad with hydrotech for ultra fine finishing. I used it for my wax application. Thanks!

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lol first time took me 7 hours too and my back felt like it was broken the next day haha. I think next time i'll tackle if one section a day instead.
I can really second that! My whole body was sore after the first day. Couldn't finish in one night so I moved on to the next day which just made matters worse. One section a day sounds like a better plan lol but with these things you just can't wait to see the finished result. When I was prepping for the LSP (clay, cut, polish) I kept telling I was going to "stop after this". Turns out I went all the way until my body just stopped working lol. When it came to the gloss and wax, I really couldn't stop