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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
Very cool! Sounds like that launch strategy is the perfect way to mitigate traction issues for RWD. Did the GTR launch too? I'm impressed as hell, if so- launching an AWD car isnt the most difficult of tasks.
Launching AWD isn't challenging from a driver perspective, it's just hard on the drivetrain. I've eaten more than a few clutches on my STi which supposedly puts down 472 ft/lbs of peak torque. (And 8 hours labour to do it)

BMW just needs to put out a 4L inline 6, then we'll be back on top for a while, and maybe drop 6-800lbs from the car.

The new ZL1 Camaro (oh, what a noise it makes) is nothing to scoff at either. I was toying with that or a CTS-V (same engine) for my next comfy sleeper.

Most Domestics have really stepped up their game in the last few years. There's that new mustang too that has something silly like 662 RWHP. From the factory. For under $70,000. Brakes are crap, but boy does she go.

CTS-V/ZL1 put out 500'ish, and are just a pulley upgrade away from even more HP. New supercharger has a WTAIC right on it. None of this silly FMIC plumbing, or routing of lines everywhere just cool air right into the engine. The LSx is a VERY robust platform, and I can get a set of ported cylinder heads with no core charge for like $4k or less from a number of suppliers. VAC wants $3500 just for a core charge on the N54 head, and doesn't actually list the pricing for upgraded everything.