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Drives: 2008 328xi
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2x DI accessories sheepskin mitt
5x DI microfiber no edge towel
1x. DI waffle weave towel
1x lake country blue grit sponge (for wheels)
1x grit guard
1x mini ez detail brush
1x 200g gentle fine clay
1x dodo juice born slippy clay lube
1x black fire wet diamond sealant
1x sonax wheel cleaner
1x poor boys wheel sealant
1x P21S degreaser
1x 303 fabric and vinyl cleaner
1x 303 fabric guard
1x 303 aerospace protectant
1x stoner invisible glass
1x glass science rain clear

How's this list? I'm not looking to polish yet. What would be a good car shampoo? And what would I use to clean and seal the exhaust tip? This is all in a cart on