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Originally Posted by preezzy View Post
Yes n I know there's no difference but since its a previous model and new models are out value depreciates by a lot if I were to go to a dealer an buy a 12 is I would get a great deal just won't get the color combo I'm lookin for but still would be a great deal since they want to get rid of it cuz they been paying taxes and fees to keep it on their lot for more than a year already not to mention if I do that I'll get a brand new car with less than 10 miles on it so anytime u sell a car once u buy it from dealer you are always going to lose some money
some, yes... but you're still pricing it UNDER even KBB, and on top of that, it's a LEASE transfer, meaning he still OWES money on it, and you're shorting him $11,000, lol... if you're so confident you can find one in that price range from the dealership, i would say handle it... i would love to see a dealership sell you a 335is with these options and with only 2000 miles on the odometer for 45K... when you find this dealership, let me know so i can purchase multiple cars from them...