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BMW Tech's Recommendation for Tranny Fluid

I asked a BMW technician this morning at my local dealer about changing the auto transmission fluid on my '07 335i. It's got 72k on the clock, so I asked him if he recommended doing it now. He said that at my mileage the best way to go is to just do a drain and fill by dropping the pan, without replacing the filter. Then at 100k do a complete fluid swap, including the filter.

He mentioned that in "off-the-record" conversations he's had with BMW engineers, they have told him that in their BMWs they change the fluid at 50,000 miles just like in any other car.

So, he thinks that at my mileage the fluid shouldn't be too horrible right now and I can get away with just doing a drain and fill. That way we commingle the good and the bad fluid just enough to freshen it up a bit until doing the whole thing at 100k. Just thought this might help somebody who was in "no man's land" mileage-wise like me and thinking about their tranny fluid.