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I ran one a few months back. From a dig. I still had my winter tires and he had Nittos (the newer road tires not the DRs). He had intake, exhaust and tune. He showed me his dyno as well. 400rwhp. Can not remember the torque. He beat me at the light then pulled a car on me. Those things launch HARD. I don't remember ever seeing so much suspension drop and front end rise on the street before (on street tires and unprepped surface). After that one car I stuck him. So as many have stated, from a dig in a rear drive car you are done unless you have the time and power to reel him in. He had suspension too. I was just happy I stuck him like I did. At that time I had similar mods. DCI, cat-back and ProCede stage 2 tune. I was having some KR up top (still am) so maybe I could have reeled some of that in...once I get the KR nailed down.
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