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All in all, only time will tell if this is the right decision or not.

Pros: #1 Status (with total team devotion and no second guessing even in just conspiracy theories), Works team with all the resources it comes with, Ross Brawn's strategic mind, engine leverage if the new Formula makes it through, potential Global brand status for him. (This may be a plus for the sport over all as well. More attention particularly in the USA will bring more money to F1 as a whole.)

Cons: The Car, Time (it may take a while for him to get settled at MB GP and get everything suiting him).

Really, it seems to all come down to whether MB GP can produce a competitive car for him. But there is certainly plenty of potential for the future with all these pieces falling into place, you'd be pretty hard headed to deny that. It even seems like Brawn is trying to pull a Red Bull in building up MB GP. It took RBR 5 years to get to the top and win their first championship.

Regarding all the talk about choosing the money, Whitmarsh went on record saying that McLaren offered Hamilton a deal that they thought to be the most money of any current F1 driver. So that throws a wrench in the money grabbing theories. Overall though, this argument is moot as all of the top drivers demand high salaries. I don't see anyone knocking Alonso for his substantial salary at Ferrari, who right now is the highest paid in the sport.

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