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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
No. I took mine off the charger friday morning. Went to work, out to dinner, out this morning as well. Have made phone calls, sent emails, browsed a little bit, sent several texts, listened to 4 or 5 songs and played a game or two. 4pm on saturday i'm at 47%.

But the first three charges i basically dumped the charge as quickly as possible and charged it over night. Did that 3 days in a row. It's still running on it's 4 charge now.
You must not even be using the thing or it sitting idle a majority. raved they got 14 hours! OMG!!! and macworld said they got 16 with light usage so I guess I am not far off. No one in our office gets over 24 hours on any iPhone in the past 4 years lol. Just annoys me batteries are so terrible with the technology we have.

On a side note: had my iPhone 5 replaced after 5 days because the screen would stop responding to touch. Store said the screen was defective. Still displayed and played music but the screen wouldnt work. On number 2 now. Hopefully better battery as well.
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