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New Tires are great damaged rims are bad

Well last Sunday I went to Firestone to get new tires installed. Bridgestone POTENZA RE960AS Pole Position RFT, by the way are amazing tires if you are staying with RTF. As we bimmers owners are we think everyone not us don't know how to handle these cars so I'm am always making sure my car it is returned to me like how I left it. So before I went to drop it off I took pictures of each of the rims and close ups to all the road rash I already had which was minimal.

So 3 hours after I drop it off I get a call that it is ready to be picked up. I walk over to the shop and see them pulling my car into a spot so before I go in to pay of it I walk around the car to make sure no scratch or dents are there. Then I kneel down to check each of the rims. Low and behold 2 8in scraps are on 2 of my rims. So I go into pay see if they tell me anything, but of course they don't do before I pay I tell the lady as the desk about the rim damange she asks me what I want to do about it. I am speechless with anger, so I tell her to write on the bill that she agrees they damaged the rims she offers to take $40 off my bill, I laugh and say minimum right now you better take off the alignment $140. And after I take a better look at the damage I will be calling back.

Anyways I go wash off my rims and check out the damage and they are indeed f'd and it looks like the other 2 has min damage on the side but I can't see them fessing up to it since they were try to deflect the damage when I called them back. So anyway after talking to them on the phone they are replacing my 2 very damaged rims. How can a company that only does tires F them up. They gave me free alignments for life IDK if I'm going to take advantage of that.

First 2 pictures are before then next two are right after I got it back, which you can see there fingers all over it. The last if after I cleaned it up.
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