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Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
Just buy the AE exhaust and call it good. I'll even take a video showing how loud and pleasant it is with AR catless, intake, and FMIC. Those combined have made the AE exhaust even louder and at WOT there is nothing that sounds as sexy.

Sorry, my inline 6 will not sound like a fart can. The guy with CPE and the HPF Gen2 sounds OK, but it still sounds too loud and way to raspy.

Here's a newer vid from AE.

Mine definitely does not sound like a fart can. It sounds very deep and mean just like a 500hp car should sound like. It has very little rasp and its actually the perfect sounding type of rasp. When I did the secondary cat delete and didn't have resonators, the rasp was absolutely terrible. Now, the rasp sounds fantastic (with resonators) and it's comes into play at about 5000rpm. Trust me, I hate rasp, but this is a race car rasp, not a honda civic rasp or a e46 m3 rasp.