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A very sad movie.

my family was watchin one of those Asian movies that are at least 20 tapes long. So i started watching it too cus the girls were cute. It was hella sad. This guy who's really rich (let's call him mr.A. he's the boss of some company) likes this girl, but so does this other guy who works for the other guy(mr. B). So they both tried to hit on her and stuff. Anyways, at the end she went with mr.B to live in Bali. Mr.A then lost like $300millions. He also thought that the other girl doesnt love him anymore. So he went to Bali looking for them. HE caught them in bed and was furious. And he shot them both. Before the girl died she held his hand and said "I love you". What he didnt know was that she wanted to leave Bali and go back to him. In the end he off himself as well.

Oh and mr.A was engaged but he didnt want to marry the other girl anymore. haha sorry guys I had to get that out. It's been bugging me lately. I think it's ridiculous how life works...