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Talking Pre-Lci Halogen to Xenon Review

Hi guys,

I've been reading this forum ever since I got my BMW a year ago, and these forums have been really informative and helpful.

As you guys know some of the BMWs don't come with xenon (which is ridiculous), and my very first mod has always been set to: xenon retrofit. In the beginning I was very eager to jump into an aftermarket headlight like umnitza and depo, but based on the many reviews that I've read, I decided I want to go oem and do things the right way.

Thanks to Iceberg, and everyone else that contributed to helping me. Special thanks to Ken, he is a great guy and helped me did the install very quickly and is very professional and proud of what he does for us. I would recommend everyone that has halogen to do the oem retrofit because it is definitely worth it.

K enough of me talking, here are some pictures! byebye halogen!



now I need to change the angel eyes into brighter and LED ones, maybe Lux ? I'm not sure yet