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Originally Posted by Rselby View Post
I just picked up a new 2012 E91 on EU delivery back on May 30th.

I looked for used ones for quite a while, but found next to nothing. As a result, I decided to go new while I still could. A manual transmission was a must for me, so that made the search even harder. I ended up getting the M-Sport package too which offers the blacked-out trim and really nice sport seats.

I see a few E91s around the Seattle/Eastside area, but not many. I had the windows tinted at Accutint and the guy there said he'd never even seen one.

I like the car a lot, although it's definitely a different vehicle than my E46s and E36 M3. The only things I would criticize so far is the horsepower (the car would benefit greatly from another 30-50 HP) and the brittle, crappy feel and noisy ride of the runflats. The horsepower is hard to fix (cheaply, anyway), but the runflats go away next week, to be replaced with Pilot Sport A/S tires for the upcoming winter season. Aftermarket 18" BBS RS-GT wheels with Pilot Super Sports go on next summer.


Nice car, Rick! I haven't seen any new ones in person, but the one I have is right after the LCI. Is the 2012 model much different than the 2009? I'll get some pictures of mine posted soon.

And thanks for the head's up for the tires and wheels. I'll check into those. I'm not a fan of the run flats, and feel they definitely need to go. I figured I'd have winter tires mounted on the OEM wheels, and get something great put on new wheels in the Spring. Are you doing anything about having no spare?

I had the windows in my E91 tinted a few weeks ago, and the shop said the same thing: They'd never seen one. Lots of coupes and sedans, and a few convertibles, but no wagons.

Part of me thinks it's great having a car fewer people drive, but the rest of me wonders what could be wrong with what I bought. If the other 3 Series models are so common, why is the wagon so rare? Someone said it's because BMWUSA pushes the X3 and X5 over the Touring. What do you think?

Just getting started with an '09 328Xi Touring