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Originally Posted by Mech_Man View Post
I've run wires up each side and removing the A-Pillar covers takes seconds and really simplifies running the direct-wire cables.
The most important concern is to be very gentle in prying off the screw cover-plates. The plastic is easy to scratch or break. Use a very small screwdriver and work them off very slowly. If you have something similar to a screwdriver, but plastic, that would be better.

With those off, remove the torx screws and the pillar cover is very easily removed, (and replacing is just as easy).

What I'd like to hear, is has anyone taped into the power wiring in the ceiling, say the cabin lights or sunroof motor circuits? If that cover was easily removable, it would save wiring all the way down to the fusebox.
i tapped into the sunroof harness. depending on how big your hands are i say its pretty easy to pop down that whole unit. i just pull down on the headliner close to the windshield and pop those two clips and viola. no problems yet for me