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Hit and Run


My mates Daughters car was ran into about a month ago, Someone witnessed the incident and called the police the officer left a notice on the car ,They called the police and was told to come in and bring all there details etc , The officer did all the paperwork and said contact your insurance etc ,The insurance company collected the car and left her a loan car .When she collected the car from the repair shop she had to pay the 250 excess , She thought thats fine I will get it back at some time in the future .

Right yesterday she receives a letter from her insurance company saying after being in contact with the alleged car that hit hers the owner has denied the incident , She is upset as it is now classed as a own fault claim and will lose 3 yrs NCB and the excess.

What is the advice my learned friends ?

Under the data protection act the PO wouldnt say who the car owner was ,Just as well really my mate would probe administer some tough love to the car like smash it with a sledge hammer. This sort off BS tends to be the norm now . any advice ?