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Originally Posted by Dave_NW View Post
Nice car, Rick! I haven't seen any new ones in person, but the one I have is right after the LCI. Is the 2012 model much different than the 2009? I'll get some pictures of mine posted soon.
Thanks Dave. My 2012 is basically the same as your 2009, I think. I'm not aware of any significant changes in post-LCI cars, other than option packages and color choices. The M-Sport package, for example, wasn't offered until just a few years ago, IIRC.

It sure was fun doing European Delivery and breaking the car in on the Autobahn. That made the new car purchase worth it right there.

Originally Posted by Dave_NW View Post
And thanks for the head's up for the tires and wheels. I'll check into those. I'm not a fan of the run flats, and feel they definitely need to go. I figured I'd have winter tires mounted on the OEM wheels, and get something great put on new wheels in the Spring. Are you doing anything about having no spare?
I don't like the idea of no spare, but then again, I can't remember the last time I had to swap a tire on a car due to a flat. I've had low tire pressure due to a nail or something, but have been able to inflate the tire and then drive to get it fixed. I do plan to get the M Mobility kit to put in the back - this is basically what they provide to M3 buyers (and other M cars), in lieu of a spare, as M cars continue to use "regular" tires because, simply, they perform better. The M Mobility Kit is nothing more than a can of fix-a-flat and a portable compressor, but it's better than nothing. Worst case, I'll call roadside assistance and let them sort it out.

And by the way, I wholeheartedly recommend the Pilot Sport All-Seasons. I've been able to get around in light snow in the Seattle hills in my 2004 RWD 325Ci. With the AWD on the wagon, I should be able to go about anywhere, as long as there is ground clearance. Second choice would be the Continental DWS. Check for details on both.

Originally Posted by Dave_NW View Post
Part of me thinks it's great having a car fewer people drive, but the rest of me wonders what could be wrong with what I bought. If the other 3 Series models are so common, why is the wagon so rare? Someone said it's because BMWUSA pushes the X3 and X5 over the Touring. What do you think?
I agree with you, I sort of like the "different" factor of the wagon. I also think it's one of the better looking iterations of the E9x line. It feels like a regular 3-series sedan 'til I turn around and see all that extra space back there....

The Touring architecture is fundamentally the same as the 3-series sedan. In fact, they are built on the same assembly line in Munich. As such, there are no real "downsides" to a touring verses the other 3-series cars (maybe weight - they weigh something like 100 pounds more). Likewise, they suffer from the same common issues. The Tourings do have the panoramic sunroofs, which can be problematic given the experiences others have had in X5s, X3s, and 5-series Tourings. I'm hoping they worked out all the bugs by the time they built my 2012. I guess we'll see.

Why aren't Tourings more common? Several reasons, I believe. Most importantly, they are basically a special-order vehicle. No dealers stock new wagons on the lot, for the most part. Most of BMW's sales are to "impulse buyers" who come on the lot and want to drive a car home that day. That precludes a wagon purchase, by definition. Also, BMW USA does push the X series vehicles in response to the USA's demand for SUVs; this push comes at the expense of the wagons. Powertrain options are fewer on the wagons (no 335i Touring, no diesel), and the new generation F31 apparently won't even offer a manual transmission option (a key reason I bought an E91 before production ended). And finally, there is still a "wagon stigma" out there -- some people just won't be caught dead driving one. I personally don't get it, but to each their own.

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