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Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Gonna be honest, I think they look terrible.
I think a $40 amber-gone looks better. The material is just too thick, and it makes the front end of the car look completely tacky. Invest in custom headlight job; it's the one mod no one ever regrets.

And for a $150???? That's a quarter of the price for my orion v4's and blackout.
I actually thought the vinyl looked tacky. At least this way there is some continuity. Vinyl just looks like a band-aid. Although I haven't seen any in person - that would make a big difference.

I would love to invest in a custom job but I do not want to attempt it myself and cannot find anyone that can do it. I know there was a guy by the name of Marc on this forum but I believe he has long since "retired"
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